Non Sequitur Beer Project

As a small beer distributor, Day One Distribution has the opportunity to regularly feature exciting new breweries, making quality beer, from all around the country. This week, we couldn’t be happier to feature the superb tasting, community focused brews from Non Sequitur Beer Project, based in Brooklyn, New York.

Officially founded only 13 months ago, Non Sequitur is the brainchild of founder Gage Siegel. Having a background in film, Siegel creates the recipes as brewmaster, and has enlisted Mike Schneberg to design their fun and colorful labels. Operating as a contract brewery, neither possessing a brewhouse or a taproom, he’s found success having created a wealth of contacts within the New York beer community through other projects. With a focus on community through regular beer pop-ups, at “non-traditional drinking spaces,” it’s enabled him to create at least one new 30 bbl batch of beer a month since founding Non Sequitur – creating 29 beers in all.

While the ability to host public pop-ups has been more difficult during these pandemic times, it’s also accelerated Siegel’s ability to distribute into new markets. It’s also enabled him to further his mission of raising funds for non-profits who receive a portion of the proceeds from the sales of each beer. The charities Non Sequitur has raised funds for include Just Leadership USA, New York Immigration Coalition, Kings Against Violence Initiative, Make The Road NY, and Planned Parenthood. More recent releases have included an All Together NE IPA, as part of Other Half’s initiative, in support of the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation, as well as a Black Is Beautiful release, as part of Weathered Souls initiative, a Black Lager fermented with Kviek yeast.

All of these releases have only furthered this ethos of removing the pretention that tends to permeate the craft beer culture – enjoying beer in different ways and creating unique recipes, all in the hope of making the industry more inclusive and strengthening the concept of community based action.

Freshly arriving three days ago, Non Sequitur Beer Project’s first beers to arrive in Oregon each have a unique story all their own as well. These beauts began hitting stores Wednesday, can be found throughout the Portland Metro and Southern Willamette Valley today, and will be landing in the Bend area on Tuesday. A bit more about the beers:

  • I Voted Today – a 5% DDH American Oat Pale Ale with Amarillo T90, Amarillo T45, and Mandarina Bavaria hops. They teamed up with the Ardmore, PA icons Tired Hands to brew their smallest hoppy beer yet. Brewed as part of their get out the vote initiative, so get out and vote y’all!
  • Don’t Headbutt Your Friends – a 7.9% Double NE IPA brewed in collaboration with their neighbors from The Red Hook Winery. It’s a co-fermented DIPA with fresh Chardonnay grape juice, loaded with hops reminiscent of a bright white wine. This is 10% Chardonnay by volume, expect gooseberry, vanilla, and currants.
  • Berry Berry Berry Berry Berry Berry Berry Berry – a 6% Fruited Sour slammed with 600+ pounds of blackberry and blueberry. Jammy and purple.

Content for this article was sourced from the Non Sequitur Beer Project, Reading Eagle,, Steal This Beer Podcast with Gage Siegel.

Published by Warren Wills

Operations & Marketing Manager - Day One Distribution

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