Robby Roda of Day One Distribution / photo by Christina Dong for Willamette Week
Robby Roda of Day One Distribution / photo by Christina Dong for Willamette Week

About Day One Distribution

Day One Distribution was launched in the summer of 2016 by craft beer veteran, Robby Roda. The initial focus was to supply in-demand small specialty craft beer from Southern California into the booming craft beer industry of Portland, Oregon. Roda has now expanded into distributing craft beers from around the USA into Portland.

About Robby Roda

Robert “Robby” Roda started at the bottom rungs of the craft beer industry as an assistant beer bar manager at the popular Bottle Room in Whittier, California in 2009. Quickly, his keen palate and passion for the craft beer industry lead him to be promoted to be the head beer buyer and thus building relationships with brewers around Southern California. At this time he also worked at Monkish Brewing.

From beer buyer, Robby Roda went on to become a sales rep for Incline Beverages who distributed Epic Brewing and Monkish Brewing, among others. During his time at Incline Beverages, Roda also worked at Beachwood Brewing in Long Beach, CA.

In 2014, Robby and his wife moved back to his home state, Oregon, and became the national sales director at Cascade Brewing. Fast forward two years later and with encouragement from close friends in the craft beer industry, Roda launched Day One Distribution with El Segundo Brewing (‘Day One’ being an IPA brewed by ESBC), and Noble Ale Works as part of his first roster.

Today, Day One regularly distributes 10 West Coast breweries. They’ve also brought in over 30 different breweries from around the country for limited specialty releases, tap takeover events, and for distribution throughout the state of Oregon.

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