Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers and Springdale Beer

To understand the nature of how Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers and Springdale Beer came into existence, is to understand traditional brewing processes and culture. Working with this ethos in mind, this pair of Framingham, Massachusetts breweries has sought to establish themselves as entities focused on traditional German-style Lagers, innovative American takes on classic beers, as well as barrel-aged and clean fermented Ales.

Since their opening in 2011, Jack’s Abby has effectively carved out a niche for themselves as a quality, Lager-only brewery (until the opening of Springdale Beer in 2016), thus changing the conversation about what an American brewery can be. They’re one of the only brewery entities in the nation who have two distinct breweries, each focused on different fermentation approaches to beer. With this blueprint in mind, the three Hendler brothers – Jack, Eric, and Sam – have become the third largest production brewery in Massachusetts, and nearly broke into the top 50 production breweries in the nation with over 50,000 bbls produced in 2019.

Eric, Sam, and Jack Hendler of Jack’s Abby and Springdale Beer – Courtesy of Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers

One thing that’s set Jack’s Abby apart from other Lager brewers in the US is their use of decoction mashing, a more traditional process still found in Germany. The original intent behind such a process was to effectively extract the sugars and proteins from minimally modified grains. As today’s malts are far more modified, making decoction less necessary, the process is still used by brewers who believe in it’s ability to provide character, depth, and superior foam. The Hendler brothers also believe in the traditional process of spunding – utilizing natural carbonation during fermentation to carbonate their beers, instead of the modern process of forced carbonation with Co2. The results speak for themselves with Jack’s Abby winning a number of internationally judged awards for their wide-variety of over 50 different beers they brew annually.

Within their first few years, Jack’s Abby grew exponentially, eventually necessitating a move into their current 65,000 square foot location in 2015, which includes a 5,000 sq ft Beer Hall. The location serves both breweries beers, as well as wood-fired pizzas, traditional German fare, sandwiches, and pub grub.

On the flip side, Springdale Beer was launched as an Ale focused brewery, with a focus on barrel-aged, sour, and experimental brews. Since then, this opening of the gates to all things Ale has enabled them to delve into popular English Ales, such as Barleywine and IPA, plus German Ales, fruit-forward kettle sours, and Belgian Ales. Over the past 3+ years, Springdale has created over 200 unique beers, and have amassed over 1,500 barrels and 10 foeders that populate their 30,000 sq ft Barrel House, found adjacent to Jack’s Abby.

Day One Distribution has been working with both breweries since May of 2018 and are excited to once again have their distinctive Lagers and Ales available across Oregon. From the Jack’s Abby we have their award-winning House Lager (Helles-style), Post Shift Pilsner, Copper Legend (a seasonal Märzen-style Oktoberfest), Hoponious Union (an India Pale Lager), as well as their beloved Bourbon Barrel-aged Framinghammer Baltic Porter in 500 ml bottles.

From Springdale we’ve received The Party Ain’t Over (a New England IPA with Galaxy & Citra), Springdale IPA (a “bi-coastal IPA” featuring Citra, Amarillo, Galaxy, and Sultana hops), and BRIG Mocha Stout.

We generally only receive these excellent beers once a year, so seek them out before they’re gone!

Published by Warren Wills

Operations & Marketing Manager - Day One Distribution

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