Mast Landing Brewing

Day One Distribution is excited to announce that Mast Landing Brewing, out of Westbrook, Maine, just arrived in Oregon for the first time! In operation since 2015, this popular New England brewery found itself on the Brewers Association’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Small and Independent Breweries in 2018 as the 24th fastest growing brewery in the country.

This growth only continued a year ago when they effectively tripled their production capacity by expanding into a new 20,000 sq ft space with a new 30 bbl brewhouse. This new space adds to their original Main St. tasting room & brewery, located a mile away in the downtown area of Westbrook, a Portland, Maine suburb.

For a brewery that’s been up and running for less than 5 years, they’ve quickly built themselves into a highly organized and professional outfit. Ian Dorsey is Mast Landing’s President & CEO, Neil Fredrick the Head Brewer, Parker Olen their VP of Brand Strategy, and Kevin McGlynn who’s their Sales Director (formerly of Maine Beer Company).

While Mast Landing considers themselves a “hop-forward” brewery, they’re best known, especially outside the region, for Gunner’s Daughter, a Peanut Butter Milk Stout. And while we may see this special release in a future shipment, we just received three excellent takes on the modern IPA that we’re stoked to have available this week:

  • Windbreaker is a New England IPA bursting with Citra and Idaho 7, bringing out tropical notes and a pleasant citrusy quality, all in a balanced refreshing body.
  • DASH, an American IPA, is citrusy and floral, offering notes of white grape, tangerine, and mango, with a hop composition of Ella, Azacca, and Hallertau Blanc.
  • Find Me Dreaming is an easy drinking West Coast inspired IPA featuring El Dorado, Centennial and Simoce Hops.

All three beers will begin landing tomorrow September 29th at stores around the Portland-Metro (throughout the week) as well as Bend, then hitting the southern Willamette Valley on Thursday. Be sure to stay tuned to our Instagram stories to find out when and where they’re available!

Published by Warren Wills

Operations & Marketing Manager - Day One Distribution

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