Lupulin Brewing

Since passage of Minnesota’s “Surly Bill” in 2011, the footprint of craft breweries and brewpubs within the state has grown exponentially. In five short years, Lupulin Brewing, located in the small, suburban Minneapolis town of Big Lake, has seen explosive growth. They’ve evolved from a brewpub making easily accessible beers into a larger production brewery, now in two states, focused on innovative, flavor-forward brews.

Officially starting as homebrewers in 2014, Jeff Zierdt (co-founder and CEO) and Matt Schiller (Co-Founder, Brewmaster, and VP of Operations) sought to create a suburban alternative to mass-produced beers, with a passion for Belgian-styles and more approachable options as an independent, family-run brewery. With regular releases of Belgian Blondes, Reds, Browns, Porters, and an occasional IPA, this definitely fit the bill, though within 18 months they released their first New England-inspired Double IPA Blissful Ignorance, as well as their flagship NE IPA, Hooey.

Co-Founders Jeff Zierdt and Matt Schiller – image courtesy of Lupulin Brewing

From here they were quickly off to the races, listed as American’s 29th fasted growing brewery according to the Brewers Association in 2018, increasing production from 330 barrels in 2015, to 1,606 in 2017. That same year, they were voted Best Suburban Brewery by the Twin City’s City Pages, while also expanding their brewing capacity by moving into a 22,500 sq ft, 30 bbl brewhouse.

In June of 2019, they purchased a brewery taproom in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, due in part to Minnesota restricting every brewery to only one taproom location within the state. Here they’ve kept production in line was the amount brewed in Big Lake, though with a greater emphasis on Fruited Sours, Stouts, and Lager styles. In all, both locations have created over 360 different beers, with no signs of slowing their production, innovation, or quality.

With all the success they’ve found in Minnesota and South Dakota, creating uniquely delicious, highly regarded beers, this made them a naturally appealing new brand for Day One to feature in Oregon. This week, for the first time, we’ve received 8 different canned offerings from Lupulin Brewing – a diverse group of IPAs, Double IPAs, Porters, and a Coffee Stout:

  • Hooey – a juicy, New England Style IPA (6.2%)
  • Blissful Ignorance – a bigger, juicier, Double New England IPA (9%)
  • Fashion Mullet – a NE IPA/West Coast IPA hybrid (6.5%)
  • CPB – a Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Porter (5.25%)
  • Imperial CPB – an Imperial version of CPB (10%)
  • 8 Count – a juicy IPA with notes of Citrus and Coconut (7.5%)
  • Sexy Hops: Talus – 5th in a series of single-hop IPAs, this is a DIPA w/ Talus (8.5%)
  • Javatized – a Coffee Stout featuring locally roasted coffee beans (6%)

Delivery of Lupulin’s beers began in Central Oregon and the Portland-metro area on Tuesday, with expected deliveries to the lower Willamette Valley today, then Medford and Astoria on Saturday. Be sure to find them at your favorite bottle shops and taprooms before they’re gone!

Content for this article sourced from Lupulin Brewing, MPR News, City Pages, Monticello Times, The Growler, and Sioux Falls Business.

Published by Warren Wills

Operations & Marketing Manager - Day One Distribution

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