Imagine Nation Brewing

To become a great brewery with a friendly taproom is a goal from many of the small breweries in America. Though becoming the first brewery to simultaneously be home to a Community Transformation Center, one that focuses on social change and dialogue to address the challenges of our times, is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

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J. Wakefield Brewing

There’s something to be said for a brewery that becomes synonymous with not just one, but two distinctly unique styles. Though it’s quite another when that same brewery approaches every style they brew with an eye for quality, first and foremost. For over 8 years now, J. Wakefield Brewing has done just that.

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Fair Isle Brewing

There’s nothing quite like a handmade Saison, lovingly crafted to reflect it’s locale. Such is the ethos behind Seattle’s Fair Isle Brewing: an enterprise truly focused on the time honored tradition of creating place-based Farmhouse Ales.

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Pacifica Brewery

Inhabiting what was once a beachside restaurant in a small town by the same name, Pacifica Brewery, just south of San Francisco, has become a destination gastropub. Featuring creative, locally sourced food from it’s executive chef-owner, Pacifica boosted it’s presence by hiring on brew master Kim Sturdavant, formerly of Social Kitchen & Brewery in San Francisco.

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Aslin Beer Company

The story of two homebrewers going into business as a brewery to make the styles that aren’t available in their region isn’t a new one in the annals of America’s craft brewing history. How that happened and what Aslin Beer actually became is a completely different story…

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Ruse Brewing

From their humble beginnings as assistant brewers making barrel-aged Saisons in their free-time, to their current incarnation as one of Portland’s most respected young breweries, Ruse Brewing has always put quality, creativity, and science front and center in their pursuit of a one-of-a-kind community focused beer experience.

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Lupulin Brewing

Since passage of Minnesota’s “Surly Bill” in 2011, the footprint of craft breweries and brewpubs within the state has grown exponentially. In five short years, Lupulin Brewing, located in the small, suburban Minneapolis town of Big Lake, has seen explosive growth. They’ve evolved from a brewpub making easily accessible beers into a larger production brewery, now in two states, focused on innovative, flavor-forward brews.

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Casa Agria Specialty Ales

Starting a brewery is no small task, especially if you’re coming at it straight from the realm of home brewing into… oak aged wild ales? And that’s how Casa Agria Specialty Ales came into being. Just like the complex and continuously evolving styles they create, Casa Agria resides in symbiotic harmony with the land, community, and the following they’ve created.

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Lumberbeard Brewing

This week we’re not only profiling a brewery that’s arrived in Oregon for the first time, but one that’s only been in existence for less than a year. Bursting forth from the burgeoning Spokane Washington brewing scene, we’re excited to feature Lumberbeard Brewing.

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Other Half Brewing

The trajectory and impact of all Other Half Brewing has accomplished since their founding in 2014 can be tough to wrap your head around. From their humble beginnings in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens neighborhood, to potentially having four locations in operation before the end of the year, this passion project, focused on quality first, continues to push the limits of what brewing can be in America.

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